“Tale of the Silent Crow”


One of Richard’s latest pieces “Tale of the Silent Crow” was completed at the beginning of this year. It is just one of many in a series of trompe-l’oeil windowscapes with birds and other creatures involved. This one entails crows throughout the painting. Richard stated “I think crows are interesting; the one on the window ledge I photographed in a parking lot at the beach years ago. I like his pose and finally put him into one of my paintings. He seems to be trying to talk to the crow inside of the window, a decoy, the silent crow.” He went on to explain the detail and color used in this work. “On the perimeter of the window I used a different texture that I haven’t used before. I also cut 30 leaves out of canvas, painted each one, then attached them to the canvas. As you can see some of them (leaves) extending beyond the edge of the canvas.”

Title: Tale of the Silent Crow
Size: 48″ x 52″
Price: $8500.00

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