This painting is called “Neighbors”. As with all my windows, this one is painted as if you were outside looking in. There is a reflection of a Neighbors house in the upper part of the window and a still life with a cat in the lower part. The “Neighbors” the title refers to are the natural ones outside the window. They include: the squirrel, a Carolina Wren, a lizard, a Tree Frog, two Butterflies, a Hummingbird, a Grasshopper, and a Lady bug. The Cat in the window is one of my cats. She is very special because she brings flowers to the door of our home. She started this 7-8 years ago. The first time I saw her carrying one, I thought she had a Cardinal. She saw me coming, dropped it, and walked away. The flower was a Camellia that had dropped off the bush. Some days she will bring 15-20 blossoms up the driveway to the door. My wife is a florist and likes the flowers better than what our other cats bring to the door. I’ve been lucky a few times to get pictures of her carrying flowers.

This painting was hanging at the Lake City Public Library and Technology Center for ArtFields in Lake City, SC On Main St. (April 24-May 2, 2015)

Title: Neighbors
Size: 48″ x 60″
Price: $8500.00


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